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Make IT Better is a official Google VR Photographer, and member of the IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Professional Association).


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What is a virtual tour?

It is a multimedia project based on 360-degree panoramic photography, in which the visitor can observe the totality of the environment that surrounds him and offers the possibility of moving in different points of view. This allows the vision of spaces and situations with an amazing realism and quality. The Virtual Tour finds application in the visualization of places of every kind: in closed places like museums, religious places, expositions, hotels; in open places such as tourist villages, scenic places, historic city centers, gardens, etc.


Why should I have a VT for my Business?

There are many reasons in order to do that, but 3 stand out of all.

Visibility – A 360 ° Virtual Tour uploaded on Google Street View, highlights your business, allows you to increase the number of customers who visit your site and that are part of your Google My Business profile.

Emotional experience – A Virtual Tour represents for the end user an “immersive” and sensory emotional experience. No other type of tool on the web allows as much interactivity and independence on the part of the user. Your potential customer feels “qualified” and at the center of your attentions. Make a difference with your business.

Your location in the foreground – Fundamental for activities that focus on locations, virtual tours are a tool that is spreading more and more: allow anyone to enter and observe spaces and details. In addition, tours made in “advanced” mode can be visited with immersive functions, virtually entering the location and exploring it with the movement of the head as if we were physically inside the space.


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